30 October 2013
Anonymous asked:
Your help would be much appreciated... What does "Lass dich umarmen" mean? Danke!

It literally means “Let yourself be hugged”, which would then usually be translated to “hugs (and kisses)” when found at the end of a letter (:

30 October 2013
Anonymous asked:
Hallo :) Wiesst du, wie man ein "Pen Pal" findet? I've just started learning German this year and I think a pen pal would be incredibly helpful. So, in case my sentence didn't make sense, where can one find a pen pal? And what's a "pen pal" auf Deutsch?


Auf Deutsch heißt pen pal Brieffreund/-in und hier findest du den Link, den du suchst (:

17 October 2013
Help ):

Hey FYDers

I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time now and I thought I should explain myself: I’ve started working and haven’t been coping with work and school as well as I thought I would’ve. As a result, FYD has been suffering from a pretty bad case of blog-post-deficiency and I think we should save it before it withers away.

So here’s where YOU come in - are any of you interested in helping me keep this blog alive? I’m especially looking at those who obsess over the linguistic aspects of German (it is, after all, the reason why I started this blog).

Those up for the challenge, please send me a non-anonymous message with a short introduction - who you are, where you’re from, how long have you been learning German, why and how you’d like to help. Yes, I know I’m asking for a fair bit of information, but I’m just not ready to give my baby away to a total stranger ):

While I’ll still try to contribute every now and then, I can no longer promise regular updates on FYD. So here’s to receiving loads of messages!


17 October 2013
Dies und das...: erst v.s. nur


I’m only coming by tomorrow.
Ich komme _____ morgen vorbei.
Is it erst or nur?

Well, both would make sense actually, but here’s the difference.

Ich komme erst morgen vorbei.
I won’t be there until tomorrow.

Ich komme nur morgen vorbei.
I will only be coming by tomorrow (and not on the…

28 April 2013

Lach doch mal! :D

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27 April 2013


  • sich unkontrolliert, im Übermaß entwickeln; ausarten
  • to escalate, to get out of hand


  • Die Diskussion drohte auszuufern.
  • Die ausufernden Kosten lassen sich durch diese Maßnahme vermeiden.

26 April 2013


Attention parents!

Unattended children get a double espresso and a puppy as a gift.

The management.

26 April 2013

It just occurred to me that the Rechtschreibung link wasn’t working anymore, which is strange considering it was the last time I checked!

So the post has now been updated with a working link. Click here to work on your Rechtschreibung! :)

25 April 2013
Babbel Mobile

Language learning on the go!

This handy little app is great for picking up basic vocab and revising :)

24 April 2013
Deutsche Rechtschreibung Summarised (Downloadable)

VERY useful, even for Germans.

For a step-by-step version, see here.